Presentation to David

Integrity/Ottawa made a presentation to David Bewley during the Whole Message Conference on 15 April 2007 in recognition for his "cyber contribution" to the work of Integrity in Ottawa and across Canada. The two collages in this presentation were painted by the Rev Linda Privitera, our Chapter's Chaplain.

Larger photos of the two collages:
Left Hand Collage;
Right Hand Collage.

A note from David

I want thank the members of Integrity/Ottawa, but especially Linda for these two collages. We each do what we can for Integrity because each of us believes in what we are trying to achieve. My small contribution happens to be looking after several of our websites and surfing the Internet for news of interest to our members so that others can be heard.

The collages now hang in my "study" where I can see them as I work the computer.

Thank you all for this unexpected gift and recognition.


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