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Integrity Ottawa is a gathering of gay men, lesbians, and straight friends living in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. We are interested in supporting the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) people and those questioning their own sexuality in the Anglican Church, here in our diocese, in the Anglican Church of Canada and abroad in the wider Anglican Communion.

Integrity is an international movement of Anglican gay men, lesbians, and friends. Integrity Ottawa is an autonomous chapter of the Integrity movement in Canada, operating primarily in the Diocese of Ottawa. Information about the Integrity movement in Canada can be found on the main Integrity Canada website.

Integrity Ottawa meets once a month. For details of our upcoming meetings please contact Gillian .

Integrity Ottawa 2009

It was decided that rather than place everything on one person's shoulders that we would go with a Support Team ["executive" if you will] with shared responsibilities.

Our Executive for 2008

Executive Committee Reports
Report for 26 November 2008

Our Intentions

We see the purpose of Integrity Ottawa:

  1. to minister to LGBT and questioning members in the Diocese of Ottawa;

  2. to minister to both the diocese and the wider church as a resource and an advocate on LGBT issues;

  3. to reach out to the wider LBGT community, ministering to them and inviting them into the church.

Our Monthly Eucharist

First Sunday each month
Church of the Ascension
253 Echo Drive, Ottawa
at 7:00 p.m.

Integrity Ottawa gathers for a celebration of the Eucharist on the first Sunday of each month at the Church of the Ascension.

We have a few photos of the First monthly Eucharist held on 5 November 2006. With apologies for their rushed quality.

We Need You!

If you believe that GLBTQ persons have a place in the Anglican Church of Canada, then
Please consider becoming a member of Integrity Ottawa.

Whatever your sexual orientation, your support, both financially and through participation as a member, is vital to Integrity Ottawa. Without the support of people like you, Integrity Ottawa could not fulfil its mission of full inclusion of the GLBT community within both the Diocese of Ottawa and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Integrity Eucharist 3 June 2007

The June monthly Integrity Eucharist was hosted by the dean and wardens of Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday evening, 3 June 2007. This special eucharist was concelebrated by our Diocesan Bishop, Rt Rev Peter Coffin, our Coadjutor Bishop, Rt Rev John Chapman, and our Integrity Chaplain, Rev Dr Linda Privitera.

Thanks to Carl Schriver, we have some photos of the glorious celebration in our Cathedral.

An Important Notice!

GLBT people are still not treated equally within the Anglican Church of Canada. Resolutions will be debated again at General Synod 2010. Integrity Canada's Open Letter, which was sent to all members of the 2007 General Synod, is still attracting signatures and the more we can collect, the louder our witness. We ask that you visit our Living God's Blessing website and add your name to those supporting our Open Letter.

Thank you for your support.


To find out more about Integrity Ottawa and our upcoming meetings please contact our Co-Chair, Gillian Wallace at:

Integrity Ottawa
c/o 154 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P 0H8

613 730 0408



Speakers Bureau

Integrity Ottawa is offering a Speakers Bureau as part of its commitment to outreach and education. At this time three members are available for sermons, workshops, or other educational events as desired. Please see our attached Speakers Bureau page.

Welcoming Parishes

Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people can be sure they'll receive a welcome in many Anglican parish churches. The following parishes in the Diocese of Ottawa have publically indicated their welcome:

Other welcoming parishes in the Anglican Church of Canada are listed on the Proud Anglicans website.

Interesting Links

We have put together a page of Internet links that would be of interest to gays, lesbians and their supporters in the Diocese of Ottawa.

Pride Day 2007 Photos

35 of our members and supporters marched behind the "Proud Anglican" banner in the 2007 Ottawa Pride parade on Sunday the 26th of August. Thanks to Pat Bonell we have photos of this event on a separate page.

Pride Day Ottawa
2008 Photos

Despite the forecast of rain and thundershowers
we had a very good turn out with several churches represented
and it didn't rain!

Pride Day Ottawa
2009 Photos

Integrity Ottawa walked in Ottawa's Pride Parade, Sunday, 30 August 2009.
Along with banners from several Ottawa churches.

Pride Day Ottawa
2010 Photos

Integrity Ottawa walked in Ottawa's Pride Parade, Sunday, 29 August 2010.
Several Ottawa parishes carried their banners in the Pride Parade as well.

Presentation to David

Integrity/Ottawa made a presentation to David Bewley during the Whole Message Conference on 15 April 2007 in recognition of his "cyber contribution" to the work of Integrity in Ottawa and across Canada. The collages painted by the Rev Linda Privitera can be viewed here.

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